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1) Our Journey So Far

When I was looking for meaningful presents for my young nephew, I found myself at a dead-end. There were absolutely no options online! I needed something beautiful, interactive, sustainable, and budget-friendly fast, which ended up being rather disappointing. This experience is what eventually inspired me to start Barnshenn. 

My team and I began working on making this dream come to life instantly and just a few months later, Barnshenn was selected and endorsed by the University of Manchester’s Masood Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) start-up program! Our endorsement gave us the opportunity to really focus on making meaningful impacts on children around the world. We envisioned toys that would encourage learning through playing, guided by montessori principles that gear up toddlers for the world from the get-go. 

Our marketplace is your one-stop shop for keeping your kids happy and engaged with beautiful, sustainable children’s products. We keep no middle-men between us and our customers, which helps us have affordable prices and keeps our products easily accessible to everyone. 

We run this space with a set of core values that help us work towards a better future while staying true to our brand. 

Complete transparency: We will share every step of the process with you, so you can rest assured that your purchase is nothing short of premium. 

Sustainability: We want to minimise our impact on our world while continuing to bring the gift of joy to families.

Beauty: The issue with plastic is that they can often take some beauty away, which is why our items are carefully crafted with high-quality materials. We take our designs very seriously, because we want to do justice to the rich artistic legacy all around us while making an impact. 

Learning-through-playing: Our toys are designed to stimulate your kids while encouraging neural connections that will help them learn concepts faster and better. 

Safety:We are committed to maintaining the highest health & safety standards during sourcing and manufacturing to guarantee unfiltered fun without any hiccups. 

We are a homegrown UK brand with British tastes, and our goal is to continue providing families around the world with high-quality eco-friendly products that will continue to stimulate their children’s imagination and creativity. 


2) Our Roots 

We are Barnshenn, and our name is very special to us. 

“Barn”stands for “children” and “shen”embodies the free spirit. Together, Barnshenn represents soulful, high-spirited, lavish, and eco-friendly visual realities.

We stand for the joy of childhood and the spirit of exploration. This is why our designs are inspired from shared British values infused with a global outlook. We see beauty and sustainability as two sides of one coin, and our strong green values understand that being sustainable does not mean that it’s a tradeoff of aesthetics.  

At Barnshenn, we want to fuel our kids’ playful spirit and natural curiosity while making the way for a sustainable future in a newly tech-dominated world. We want to make magic happen with green, aesthetic, and fun steps. One step at a time. 

We understand that as parents, daily commitments can make selecting the best products tiring and time-consuming. This is why we want you to sit back and relax while your children get nothing less than the best. 


3) Going Green: How do we do it? 

At Barnshenn, we promote green, eco-friendly materials for all our products. Staying true to our ethos of sustainability makes us who we are, and our products revolve around just that. 

Your items are packed with recyclable materials, while your products are carefully crafted with high-quality FSC-approved wood. Once they are built, we paint them over with eco-friendly, long-lasting, water-based paints. In fact, our partners in major cities even use electric vehicles for all deliveries!

As a business, we understand that every item we ship has a carbon footprint and can have negative consequences on our planet. This is why we try to lower our impact while helping tomorrow’s children learn about the importance of sustainability early on. Now as a brand, we’re aiming to holistically shape the future of kids through fun and beauty. 

Every product that is made of plastic lasts for millions of years, but by changing the formula, we can take baby steps towards a greener, fun-filled future together.